Austgentina – Part 4: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina (Day 7 – 12)

BA day 1 – 30 hrs travel; lost seat assign; exit row briefed in Spanish. Struck out with models. Struck in with trains, planes,and automobiles. Seeing Puerto Madero – fancy, lots of joggers/rollerbladers; statue of Juan Fangio (full circle!). Spanish coming back. Great señora and hotel tiana. Fantastic dinner with Argentinian beef and malbec.

BA day 2 – dripping everywhere. Learning to look up. Small obelisk; big obelisk. Getting ticket to the game. Validation by the guidebook – found the #1 green space on our own Plaza Rodriguez Peña. Incognita, Haf (Welsh), and Teresa.

BA day 3 – Staying an extra day at Taina, National Library of Argentina (comrade), giant flower sculpture that opens and closes with daylight, museum of fine art – the mystery of caravaggios duplicate painting, Natl Auto Club mini museum, lost my friends and picture takers : (, a nice long nap, dinner- beef and wine, bar el federal

BA day 4 – Leaving Taina : (, taking their key with me as an accidental souvenir… then wandering back across the city to give it back, settling in palermo, night out – completely struck out with 4 porteños, then found some English speaking intl students and their Spanish teacher

BA day 5 – run. Andando por Palermo Soho. Found a little photo/drawing souvenir – immediately felt like I had accomplished my touristing. Traveling alone makes me uncomfortable- good thing? The window is closing: new friends, larger groups, or not going. For dinner, sushi with wine

BA day 6 – Palermo Hollywood, watching the area slowly wake up and become more lively – at 1130am. Wandering with no obligations. Corner cafés – muy tranquilos. Touristy stuff – postales, etc. are much harder to find than you would believe! Same girl from the airport out at a cafe near the Evita building – still buried in her phone

Subway – 50¢ per trip!


  1. gerry says:

    alan, thanks for the vaction from my everyday life. you must of see a lot of realy nice things. you got some neat pictures and you have some great memories.thanks for all the captions. hope you have a very merry christmas and a happy and heathy new year. gerry

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